Who Needs to be in Tune Anyway?

Ruth Goller

Ruth Goller

Jazz bassist Ruth Goller, formerly of the Jazz/Punk band Acoustic Ladyland, thinks of the upright bass as a fluid instrument.

Talking to Bass Guitar magazine, Goller notes that she does not think the double bass need to be perfectly in tune at all times. She also doesn’t adhere to the rule of strict intonation.

“…I’m not totally strict about wanting the double bass to be perfectly in tune. Tuning adds to your musical personality and it’s part of the nature of the instrument to be expressive with tuning.”

The whole point of playing music, she says, is to express yourself and not worry about technical perfection.

Charlie Haden‘s tuning – and therefore his sound and articulation – is as much a part of his playing as his note choice,” she says.

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